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About Me

Everybody has a story, and I am no exception to this. I consider myself a mentor, technology enthusiast and greedy about knowledge. My life took a u turn when I saw movie "3 IDIOTS". "KEHTE HAI GYAN SAB JAGAH HAI BAS LENE WALA CHAHIYE". we are living in an era where knowledge is flowing like an Ocean and available in abundance. 

I have been working in and around IT for more than 15+ years now. My knowledge area covers, designing private and public DC, Security by Design and following security first principal, handling Management and managerial roles and much more.

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Work Experience

Sep 2021 - Till Date

Feb 2012 - Aug 2021

Recognition: I had knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and needed a platform to showcase myself. Wipro recognized my potential and gave me the opportunity. I won many awards, many accolades and got a chance to lead and learn my dream team. Amazing culture, amazing people and tremendous support.

Evolution: I consider this as Golden Era of my carrier. I worked as a consultant and got a chance to work with many of smartest consultants in IT/Software Industry. Here, I met my mentor, learnt to know myself, learnt the art of evolving yourself, Art of being you. My mentor gave my thought process, a new direction. I build 50+ Labs of my own using (docker, K8, VMware, AWS, Azure), did more than 80+ courses (though never got chance to implement but yes, the hunger to learn more was there)

Jan 2009 - Jan 2012

Beginning: I worked as a professional services engineer. My job role included deployment of specific hardware and software across different data centers. Configuration of Network Devices (Router, Switches, LB) and writing test case documents, carrying out DC surveys across sites.

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